No matter how stunning your garden looks when it is first created, it will only stay that way with regular maintenance. It will quickly deteriorate, become overgrown, lose its appeal and may even become hazardous without regular TLC. More than merely keeping the weeds at bay, tending a garden involves specialist knowledge to avoid potentially more serious problems with pests, drainage and root systems for instance. A regular maintenance program from our team of professional gardeners guarantees that you can enjoy your garden with peace of mind and without eating in to your own time. These programs are tailor made for each garden, depending on size, garden features, and budget. Typically, though, they are year-round programs that include careful attention to some or all of the following:

  • Pruning and hedging to sustain form and design
  • Identification and treatment for pests and disease to maintain the health of your garden
  • Fertilizing and mulching so that your plants stay well-fed and vibrant
  • Weed eradication to maintain aesthetics and plant health
  • Irrigation and drainage to maintain plant health and avoid costly water problems
  • Cleaning garden beds to keep the area looking its best

Our team is happy to fit into your schedule and provide a flexible and personal service for your garden.

You will find us easy to deal with, highly knowledgeable and experienced in garden care, and punctual for appointments.


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